For the Intermediate Game Development Midterm project, I decided to make a game based on my memory of when I encountered a bear in the woods as a middle schooler. I chose this story as I felt that it was dynamic and exciting enough to make a game out of it. I also wanted to capture the tension I felt when I saw the bear and then proceeded to run away in the opposite direction of the beast. In order to make a game out of the experience, I added the beehive the player could use to distract the bear and I also altered the speed of the player and bear so that if the bear could catch the player if there are no distractions around it.

The part of the midterm that was the most fun and yet the most stressful part for me was making the movement A.I for the bear. The previous games/ projects I worked on only had the player interact with their environment, so this was the first time I had to program an enemy that interacted with the player. I was especially having issues with figuring out how to make the bear target the beehive first and then the player, as in my first attempts the bear would completely ignore the beehive and head straight for the kill instead. I was able to resolve this issue by splitting the bear’s A.I into two scripts, Chase_Honey and Chase_Player, the first script having the bear chase the beehive and then once the beehive object was destroyed, the second script tells the bear to target the player. I also had to change the base execution order of the scripts but once I figured it out and got it to work, I felt a moment of happiness and satisfaction, similar to how I feel when I beat a difficult boss in a video game. 

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Published 89 days ago